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Parson Interiors is a premiere furniture company that is a family owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience as a manufacturer specialist & supplier of residential and commercial upholstered furniture.
We have the ability to integrate between both custom residential projects and Hospitality with exceptional design abilities for Health Care projects.

Our designs range from the most unique custom lobby styles to also encompass the ability to produce high volume orders that's needed to complete large projects. We, as a company, have successfully evolved in the furniture industry and were motivated to make this transition that began in 2008 when the housing industry plummeted. We found ourselves re-evaluating our goals and assessing the new direction we needed to focus on, ensuring financial security of our staff as well as provide an optimal service to our clients. We are proud to say that each of our staff member's contribution plays a vital part in the company's success. One of the main reasons we are able to accomplish this is that as President, I have been personally involved with the daily operations of my business and I know what it takes to produce an exceptional product. No matter what challenges we face or what industry we are working with. I have built this company from the ground up; working every aspect of the business. I have a comprehensive understanding of what the customer is requiring, what our Designer ideas entail from schematics to completion that will always translate into a work of art. 

We pride ourselves on prompt service and our outstanding craftsmanship to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We stand behind our slogan; "Employing skilled personnel to build a great product and provide excellent service"

I am Mitchell Parson, President and owner of Parson Interiors and would like to invite you to scroll through some of our work below. When you are finished feel free to contact us to explore current as well as future projects from inception to completion.




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